NV Autistic Design candles are about 16 ounces with 2 wicks for an even burn. They are scented in a beautiful glass jar with lids. Our cost for these amazing looking candles is only $16.00 each which includes sales tax. (shipping additional) They are great burning soy candles or you can use them solely for decorative purposes. Candles can be cutom colored to match your decor.


16 oz with two wicks


Our candles are white and come in so many wonderful scents that it will be hard to buy just one. To place your order, click on the order button and follow the easy steps.


Cinnamon Red Hot Smells just like the candy
Chanel #5 True to the famous designer
Love Spell Victoria Secret designer scent
Moon Light Path A fresh scent
Peaches & Cream Smells like creamsicle ice cream
Peppermint Patty Like the candy
Lavender Fresh light smell
It's a Girl Baby powder scent
It's a Boy Baby lotion scent
Pink Victoria Secret designer scent
Vanilla Smells just like fresh baking
DKNY Donna Karen designer scent
White Tea Smells just like white tea
Put the Lime in the Coconut Coconut with a hint of lime
Eucalyptus A very stimulating scent
Raspberry Sangria Smells like drinking Sangria
Rose Rose flowers
Tropical Paradise Island sandy beaches scent
Plumeria Flowery scent
Peppermint Bark Chocolate and mint scent
Cinnamon Apple Berry Cinnamon Apple scent
Vanilla Sandalwood Vanilla woodsy scent
*Honeysuckle Jasmin Light flowery spring scent
Hawaiian Paradise Smells like a beach paradise
Apple Pie Hot apple pie
Opium Designer scented perfume
MidSummer's Night

Energizing, mysterious, masculine

Rootbeer Refreshing
Pumpkin Pie Spicy baked pumpkin pie
Witch's Brew

patchouli, cinnamon & cedarwood

Christmas Tree Freshly cut pine tree
Egg Nog Holiday drink with nutmeg
Mulberry Mistletoe Sweet holiday scent
Christmas Eve Fresh baked cookie scent



*Natasha's signature scent - you are sure to love this one.








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